Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CLOSED $100 Giveaway thanks to FrumUs.com! - Now Closed

Winner: Kristin ( cake3 )

So, before I get into the nitty-gritty on how to enter the $100 Giveaway, I wanted to touch briefly on the wonderful concept of the site FrumUs.com

This site was designed to assist all of us "shoppers" out there who try to coordinate gifts with many other family members, parents of other students, or teammates families.

We all know the drill! The end of the season is fast approaching, and all of a sudden everyone is scrambling..sending emails out to everyone..and asking them to bring money or mail it to them by a set date so a gift can be bought!

In fact, I am in the midst of this now with my son's 1st grade class. I keep getting notes home in my child's bookbag, asking for money to be sent back with my son in his bag...but NOT given to his teacher ( shhh, it is a secret ).

Wait a minute? What? I struggle with trying to explain to my 6 year old son that the money I am handing him is to be given to his classmate ( whose mother is trying to coordinate ), but don't let your teacher see! He looks at me a bit confused. Hmm! Did the money really get to his classmate?

So, I checked his backpack the next day, and well, nope! He forgot. And, there the money still sits in his backpack.

And, this is where FrumUs.com is going to make all of our lives easier.

All you do is set up a Free account. Then, you start a collection. Contributions can come via paypal or directly from credit card/debit card payments. Want to find the top 10 occasions others collect gift money for? Click here.

From here, you can designate who the gift is for and email everyone an invite to participate. Not only is a "collection" of donations for the gift a feature, BUT you can originally set up a poll to have everyone vote on the type of gift to purchase, etc. You can put a deadline on for donations, email reminders when you are nearing the end of the collection period and more.

In addition, once your money is collected, you can shop directly from their site at many of the online stores you shop today with the money and buy your gifts. Very convenient! Or, you can choose to have the money sent via paypal to you.

Don't have anyone you need to buy a gift for right now? That is fine. If you win, you have $100 to shop with for future gifts ( think Holidays, even ).

So, I think the final question everyone might have is how do I enter this Giveaway?

Well, you need to fill out the fields below. And, here are a few stipulations.

You must open a new ( FREE) FrumUs.com account so they can deposit your money if you win! Please don't hesitate to take a look around and even plan your first coordination party for an upcoming gift you need to purchase.

Click here to register.

Second, you must be a loyal reader to my blog! You can find the May Code ( or you can use the April code, too, if your feed is not updated yet ) to enter at the bottom of my Feeds or Email subscriptions. You can subscribe via email to my site here or feed here.

Besides that, we just need name and email address.

Good luck everyone! I will be pulling the winner on Wednesday, May 27th!

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