Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Winner Announced!!! $25 Sams Card Giveaway ( Plus 1 Day Pass )

Congratulations to Charity S, email charisscharity! You won the $25 Gift Card and 1 day pass!

And, here are 4 runner ups of 1 day passes to Sams Club:

  • Jana B, email janabagwell
  • Jennifer B, email samples4jenn
  • Rebecca S, email thescholls
  • Kristi W, email onefrugalmama

Thanks to every one for participating and My Blog Spark for sharing this gift!

Who doesn't want $25 Free, right? And, don't worry if you don't have a Sam's Club Membership! They are giving you a one day pass to go into their store and shop with your gift card! Yay!

I would like to send a thank you out to MyBlogSpark for offering this giveaway!

And, we have 4 extra one day passes to give out, too, if you want to go check the store out.

Why am I personally so excited about this giveaway? Well, because they are partnering up with Box Tops for Education to show us all how much money can be earned for our schools! And, did you know that the grocery products that have Box Tops on them can be found while buying in bulk at their store.

I am off this week to do a shopping spree and show how many box tops I can get while finding great deals on my groceries! Stay tuned! I'll be posting it at the end of this giveaway!

In fact, I am overly thrilled about this giveaway, because I personally am in charge of the Box Tops for Education program for my son's elementary school now. I am on a mission to get our school numbers up even higher this year!

I know, I KNOW many of you reading this throw your Box Tops away or forget about them. Or, you homeschool, have no kids or your children are grown and gone. But, hey, that is no reason to throw money away, which is what you are doing when you don't clip them. You can donate them to your local school district! Or, hey, I'll take them! :)

Want some suggestions on how to make sure you don't forget to donate? When I get home from the grocery, I immediately cut them off all my boxes before I put them in my pantry, freezer, fridge, etc. Unless it is a container that I can't cut into until the product is used, I immediately cut them and put them in a baggy that I have stashed in a kitchen drawer.

Then, on the last day of each month, I send them in with my children and tally up how much I have donated! I average about $1.50 a month. Now, I know, this doesn't sound like a lot, BUT my child has about 800 kids in the school ( just kindergarten and 1st, mind you ). If every child did this, that could potentially be over $1,000 a month and $12,000 a year ( yes, still save them over the summer ). But, alas, my school comes in no where near that number, so we need to encourage everyone to take advantage of this great program.

Would you like to see what all the products are that have box tops on them? Click here for a round up! on with the giveaway!

Enter the $25 Giveaway

  • Fill out the complete form below with Name and Email Address
  • Tell me who you plan to give your Box Tops to this year ( your child's school, a neighbor kids school, niece/nephew, donate to the local school? )
  • Giveaway will end Saturday, September 12th!
  • Winner will be emailed the announcement or you can check back here and this post will be updated!
  • Must receive a response back from winner with address within 2 days, or a new winner will be chosen

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